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MAGPro2 x17 Slave


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  • Supports engine & gearbox controllers
  • AUTOMATIC CHECKSUM correction including EEPROM
  • RECOVERY capabilities in the event of unforeseen errors
  • BMW Fxx Cable for MAGPro2 X17 (MAGP0.2.34) included

K-TAG Master


Kess V2 Slave


The MAGPro2 X17 tool is a solution for cars equipped with EDC17, MED17, MEDV17 and other state of the art ECUs.

The device supports CAN-bus (ISO 15765-4 & SAE-J2234), K-line (ISO 9141-2 & ISO 14230-4), TP2.0 and UDS protocols. In most cases checksum correction is done on the fly without an online connection. Thanks to a wide range of accessories you can read / write the content using the OBDII socket. It includes a Breakbox interface with cables that allow operations on TRICORE equipped ECUs by bootloader.

Additional services such as DPF-OFF, Immo OFF, Hot Start Repair are available for all users of X17 tools. The tool is available in MASTER and SLAVE versions. For the first year the updates and support are included in the sale price.

SKU – MAGP1.2 (M&S)

TYPE – main module

OPTIONS – Master / Slave

VEHICLES TYPES – bikes, cars, trucks, buses, tractors

MODE – OBD, Bench, Bootloader

MAIN FUNCTIONS – map zone/full, IROM/XROM/EEPROM, Read/Write/Checksum

Also includes free technical support and 30 Green coins for free per month, you can use these for services like: DPF, IMMO, HOT START, EGR, CLONE PCR2.1 and many others. After subscription you will still be able to use software, but you will not be able to update software and have access to helpdesk and technical support.


Vehicle List


DATA Sheet

MAGP1.2 (M&S) main module Master / Slave
  bikes, cars, trucks, buses, tractors OBD, Bench, Bootloader
map zone/full



Read/Write/Checksum Click here to see the Helpdesk service list.


Package contents

# SKU code Quantity Description
1 MAGP1.2M 1 MAGPro2 X17 interface MASTER
2 MAGP0.2.4 1 Connection Cable: OBD male to RJ45
4 MAGP1.20 1 Breakbox v2 interface
5 MAGP0.2.3 1 Universal cable for Breakbox v2
6 MAGP1.21 1 Power supply adapter 220v 4A
7 MAGP0.2.16 2 USB 2.0 connection cable 1.8m
8 MAGP0.2.18 1 Connection cable: RJ45 to RJ45
9 MAGP0.2.34 1 BMW Fxx Cable for MAGPro2 X17
10 MAGP0.2.37 1 Toyota K-Line OBD Cable Adapter
11 MAGP0.3.23 1 Challenger Clip
12 MAGP0.5.10 1 Adapter – cable to pin (5 x pcs)
13 MAGP0.5.15 1 Large round faston adapters
14 MAGP0.5.16 1 Large rectangular faston adapters
15 MAGP0.5.1 1 Set of BOOT resistances 33/100/1kOhm
16 MAGP0.4.1 1 Suitcase MAGPro2
17 MAGP0.6.1 1 12 months free updates & Helpdesk access


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