At February 19 our company has opened a BalticDiag named laboratory at Kaunas University of Technology. It is the first automotive electronics diagnostic laboratory in Lithuania. Students will be provided with all the conditions for testing and repairing high-end vehicle electronics systems.

Students in this classroom will be able to test the most professional equipment in this area – diagnostic devices, TPMS devices, oscilloscopes, endoscopes, chip tuning devices and other automotive electronics testing devices. In order for students to acquire the best knowledge for their work practice, they will develop their expertise and expertise with the equipment of the most professional manufacturers – Autel and Launch diagnostic devices, Pico Technology oscilloscopes and MAGICMOTORSPORT chip tuning equipment.

We can be proud of being able to transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills in automotive computer diagnostics at a modern laboratory. The conditions created here will allow students to gain skills required for fast-paced automotive industry.

We are confident that the BalticDiag Automotive Diagnostic Laboratory established at the University will help to strengthen the qualifications of future professionals and will provide a step for a better future. We believe that this will allow the quality of computer diagnostic services to be raised to a new level.

By investing in education, we invest in a higher quality fleet of vehicles in Lithuania!

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